Sorting out ragas in Bhajans

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Re: Sorting out ragas in Bhajans

Post by ظؤیہ ہیآت » Wed Aug 26, 2015 8:18 am

Christianamr wrote:" Data ek Ram "

by Shri Hari Om Sharan , Keherva taal .

For the major part it seems to be in Sindhura , dwelving sometimes into Kafi and Piloo ( maybe also Hanskinkini and similar other Dhun ragas ? )
Hello Christianamr,

The Bhajhan 'Dhaata Eik Raam' by Haree Aum Sharan Ji is in the Raag Peeloo/Pilu...

(Bear in mind-i spell the Raag Names or South Asian words in English in the way they are pronounced in South Asia)... ...

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