CC, a new app for concert listings

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CC, a new app for concert listings

Postby mangeshkasbekar » Sat Feb 18, 2017 1:59 am

Classical Concierge (or CC) is a new app for Indian classical music available for iOS and Android. It seeks to bring audiences to the concert hall, and help them engage more with the music. There are two functions in this app - a worldwide concert listings database, and a library of raga appreciation videos. To the audience of classical music, this app shows when/where concerts are happening in their city and also those broadcast online from anywhere. The 3-minute raga appreciation videos provide to-the-point material about how to recognize different ragas, and what to look for in the performance of these ragas. We believe that these videos will help audiences engage more with classical music - whether in a live concert, or listening to a Spotify playlist on the go. To install, from your iOS or Android device, please visit


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