Topic shredding - role of moderators

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Topic shredding - role of moderators

Post by ragamala » Wed Jul 16, 2008 1:52 pm

The shredding of much of the recent "introduction" fiasco is welcome - BUT - my point is that surely action should have been taken earlier.

Now we have lost not only some very unpleasant and possibly libellous exchanges which stayed on the forum too long for all to read, but some posts which actually contributed to the discussion on closed jawari.

I was interested in the latter, because as a non-expert as far as sitar goes I was interested in the subject which may have contributed to my understanding of my reaction to hearing sitar music. Indeed I did have my interest revitalised. Now looking back the point is lost - I think I predicted that in my posts of where are the moderators...

Moderator intervention if not timely can be counterproductive I think ... maybe... just a little bit...? sir?...

I have no idea where moderators are based and what the organisation is, but if all based in a particular time zone and there is a 2 day delay before action is taken then maybe a review is in order?

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Re: Topic shredding - role of moderators

Post by david » Wed Jul 16, 2008 5:27 pm

The point is well taken.

I apologize for the heavy "Collateral damage" suffered by the jawari discussions. I have split this off into another post and respectfully request any points that have suffered the deletions to again be posted.


David Courtney

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