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Re: New Spam Fighting Tools

Post by willow » Fri Aug 19, 2011 4:08 pm

Hi David
thankyou, yes, I tried to post ' Yikes!:shock:' in a thread and a message appeared from Akismet (who I thought was a person, new moderator or someone, until looked up the name and this thread came up:oops: ) saying it was suspected spam and wouldn't be allowed(or similar words), so I altered my post, pressed submit and the same message appeared. Have also had a problem with replying to threads sometimes, typing the message, pressing submit and reply just dissapearing :? Maybe it's this old pc and I need to update it or the reply was too short? Please know I am not spam and would never make malicious posts, am very glad it is being stopped on the forum though.
Best wishes

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Re: New Spam Fighting Tools

Post by david » Sat Aug 20, 2011 4:02 pm

Dear Willow

As near as I can tell, this program can act on one of three criteria.

1) Who you are.
2) Where you are getting on the internet.
3) What you are trying to post.

Since you are able to post to this thread I presume that the first two criteria are being deemed acceptable.

as much as you are able, will you email me the posts that were causing problems. Do not IM, or post, but email me directly so that we can avoid the spam fighting tools.

my email is :

Also I would like to know if others are have similar problems.


David Courtney

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