20+ year old Hemen Sarod for sale

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20+ year old Hemen Sarod for sale

Post by drendo » Mon Feb 11, 2013 7:01 pm

After sitting in my closet for 17 years I have decided to offer my 1 piece teak Hemen sarod for sale. I was a student of Ali Akbar Khan, who personally ordered this sarod for me from old man Hemen. I was present every day in his Calcutta shop for over a month while Hemen himself crafted it for me. This sarod is some of his finest work and has a rich tone suitable to be played by the very best players. I have given up thoughts of picking it up again and feel that somebody dedicated to the craft should have it. Obviously after sitting for 17 years it will need a new skin, strings and basic tune up. Upon request, I can send some pics. I have some old tapes of it being played and can figure out a way to convert it to an MP3. I also have a male Hemen tampoura that he made for me at the same time that I would like to sell. I am in the SF bay area and would like to do local pick-up only.

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Re: 20+ year old Hemen Sarod for sale

Post by dreamer » Sun Jul 07, 2013 8:02 am

Is it right handed?

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