unique old sarod

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unique old sarod

Post by coyootie » Fri Jul 04, 2014 4:59 pm

just saw this after googling....would love to see more detailed clear pix.the overall shape of the fingerboard reminds me of the svarabat, a quite obscure instrument used mostly in Karnatic tradition.
i just scored a neat vintage sarod. I miss my wonderful old Hemen that I'd sold some time back- just wasn't playing it enough to justify hoarding such a good sarod.
so this new fixer upper has a decal on the peghead "Simran- Made in India".needs strings of course and hopefully the fingerboard is OK! it has 10 main strings and 11 tarafs.
will post pix when I get it. I may also rehead it and do some inside refinements which it likely would benefit from.
I'm hugely grateful to the many sarod lovers who have painstakingly posted their detailed experiments and developments of sarod construction and physics.
I'd offer that I made a sambar antler jaba some years back and it became my all-time favorite.
http://mumbai.olx.in/pictures/antique-s ... -584594828

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