restoring vintage sarod- any idea on date?

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restoring vintage sarod- any idea on date?

Post by coyootie » Tue Jul 15, 2014 2:31 pm

greetings sarod enthusiasts. I'm restoring this sweet sarod,here's some pix of details. It has a 26.5 string length.The drum is elliptical. It has 8 main pegs, 2 chikaris,11 tarafs.- The skin is fine, surprisingly. the fingerboards was fairly rusty but cleaned up easily with 4xxx steel wool and some polishing with a jeweler's wheel. The bone fulias were just snugly fit in the fingerboard, but i replaced them with brass. This was easier to do than I anticipated-I peened over the end of the brass rod,sawed it off, placed in fingerboard, peened from the inside. Then I drilled the string holes.
The fingerboard looks flat and the action should be fine when strung up.I had to refit and refine all the pegs as usual.I really don't understand why the overwhelming majority of Indian instruments have poorly fit pegs- it's not rocket science to do it right. One was cracked so I made a rosewood wedge glued into the shaft- the chikari pegs were very warped so I grafted new shafts on those with a long wedge shaped joint. I fit 'em as close as possible and use 5 minute epoxy ( one of the few applications to use that in instrument repairs!!) and rub some sawdust into the edge- all but invisible.
The ledge inside for the tail end of the pegs is sheesham.The sarod itself is toon.The taraf pegs are set in at very slanted angles to enable your fingers to get at them easily. I have never seen this much angle before but it works like a charm.
More in the next post-
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