vintage sarod, more

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vintage sarod, more

Post by coyootie » Tue Jul 15, 2014 2:40 pm

There's a decal here.I don't think decals were used since maybe the 60's-70's. Tony and Arnabbhai, if you're seeing this, what do you think?
Penciled on the side of the taraf ledge inside it reads
" By: R.C. Shukla,441,Rambuxa(?) Delhi 35"
I can't get a pic of this and it's a bit hard to read. I think that postal code must go back pretty far.
The strut inside the drum is wider under the langot and tapers then joins a crossbar under the junction of the fingerboard and the skin.
The sarod is not heavy and even with pitifully rusty/corroded strings I tuned up a few and it looks like this will have surprising volume and sound! can't wait to string this baby up and get it flying. it will be weeks before I grow out my nails again and can attempt playing,doggone it.
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