Any updates on pickups and pre-amps?

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Re: Any updates on pickups and pre-amps?

Post by gillo » Sat Nov 05, 2016 11:54 pm wrote:
sason wrote:Is there any device that can solve this? a preamp, a DI box, a mixer?
Yes, a mic! :D

But, seriously, this is a problem with all pickups: it's very primitive technology that just doesn't produce good sound.
Even the very best pickups I've used only (Schatten, Schertler) only sound as good as a mediocre, low-end dynamic mic - and then under only the very best conditions.
Usually, in normal, poor live conditions, they sound much worse.

So in general I would go as far as you can with a good feedback resistance dynamic mic an then only fallback on a pickup if there's absolutely no other way to eliminate the feedback.
The Meyer is a mic, for some reason it is referred to as a pickup, and so it should be good for this application. It is a small diaphragm condenser mic with a battery power source that comes out at a 1/4"jack (strange but true). I would prefer a scd that came to xlr.

I'm not sure why the acoustic amp is not giving enough volume - it shouldn't be plugged into the first input as that is for piezo type pickup - I would try it in the other inputs, even with an adapter into the xlr input. I have never really liked how acoustic amps have worked and have always preferred the mic straight into a mixer (with decent preamps) into powered speakers.

Posts: 190
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Re: Any updates on pickups and pre-amps?

Post by gillo » Sun Nov 06, 2016 12:19 pm

Bhairava wrote:If you want a great pre amp/eq this is by far the best for the money which can also me used as a DI
thanks, the first one looks looks nice. For something that can be used on stage how would this compare? ... llowsingle


Re: Any updates on pickups and pre-amps?

Post by Bhairava » Sun Nov 06, 2016 9:06 pm


You can use the unit on stage and in the studio, it has a sound quality comparable to $2000-$3000 units. I find it more musical than the neve.

i dont have experience with the unit you posted so I cant comment on how it sounds but it will function but at that price range I would get 7603, you will love it.

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