making jawari

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making jawari

Post by saranginorfolk » Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:18 am

Hi if any one fancy making a sarangi jawari i found old dominoes are made of ebony and ivory .split the 2 half's apart the joining surfaces are usually very flat.held together will brass rivets which tap or drill out fill holes with powdered ivory mixed with epoxy resin .hey presto ebony and ivory blanks .for jawari making. 2 or more ivory domino tops glue well together with super glue to make thicker pieces. great for replacing missing inlays to .ive found the dominoes on ebay sets with missing piece are cheep and best need to be quite old some are bone you can tell with a red hot pin bone burns bad smell ivory dos not burn .hope this is of some use all the best

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Re: making jawari

Post by david » Sat Apr 15, 2017 3:13 pm

Your offer is very kind and I am sure that there will be very many uses. But you may wish to consider something

Ivory is a word which is sometimes loosely thrown around. The normal material for making jawari is camel bone (unth ka haddi). this is not just because elephant ivory (hatthi ka dant) is expensive of non-available. Elephant ivory is much softer than camel bone and will not wear very well. It may be acceptable for for sympathetics but you might want to avoid it for the main jawari.

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