Custom Shahidali Sitar with a Rikhi Ram Jawari

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Custom Shahidali Sitar with a Rikhi Ram Jawari

Post by Akash95 » Fri Jun 30, 2017 9:00 am

Hey guys,

My names Akash, new to the forums so I figured I'd make my first post about my newer shahidali sitar. Its a vilyat khan style, made from burmese teak, vintage decoration, Rikhi Ram jawari, and slightly larger gourd. Looking at getting the jawari fine tuned by Scott Hackleman as hes not too far from me. Been trying to figure out ways to break it in faster. Any input on that would be great. Besides that the tone is very deep and calm, the meend action is great too. I can knock out 5-6 notes in one meend without dropping volume too much. Overall Im happy with it but hope that the sound does improve as time goes on. My other sitar is a MKS thats roughly 10 years old, very vibrant, sometimes too vibrant.

Ive uploaded pictures of my shahidali sitar here ( Ill try and get some of my MKS up too, considering selling it too if anyones interested from B.C. or Washington State.


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Re: Custom Shahidali Sitar with a Rikhi Ram Jawari

Post by barend » Fri Jun 30, 2017 6:27 pm

Very nice design those decorations! These are exactly the same as a Rikhi Ram Kohinoor sitar. Always liked those.

what's the scale of the sitar? and do you tune it to D?

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Re: Custom Shahidali Sitar with a Rikhi Ram Jawari

Post by cwroyds » Fri Jun 30, 2017 8:42 pm

Looks like a nice sitar.
Cool wood on the tabli.

New sitars take time to break in.
Really all you can do is play the crap out of it.
Regular riyaz is the best way to break it in.
There are no real shortcuts.

I bought an old teak Hiren Roy that had never really been played, and it took several years before it fully bloomed.
Now it is a monster.
Totally different sound than when I bought it.

Scott Hackleman can bring out it's best tone for sure.
His Jawari work is top notch.
He did his secret Nodu open jawari on my HR and it has never sounded better.

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