Respect Thali Khali at different speed - tabla

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Respect Thali Khali at different speed - tabla

Post by canerakha » Tue Jun 12, 2012 11:14 am

Hi all,

i've started learning tabla for a month now and i still have to find a guru in my local area.. (i'm from Italy so it's not so easy)

In the meantime i'm researching the most information i can and play the basic taal slowly..

I have one question about the Khali part when double, triple and quadruple speed:

i.e. in Tintaal if i play at double speed, does it means i will have 2 khali parts or the khali is still 1 as i count with my hands..

t---t---k---t--- this is the theka counting with my hands

t-t-k-t-t-t-k-t- at double speed is it like this? ( the letter are just the start of thali and khali)

I know that the khali part is played with ke (so no bass) but when in double speed
do i have to play the khali in the first part even if counting with my hands i'm on thali?

please help

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Re: Respect Thali Khali at different speed - tabla

Post by va4leo » Sun Jun 17, 2012 2:51 pm

Hi there. I am new to these forums, so sorry for the late reply. I have taken up the tabla over the last 8 months and may not be entirely correct, apologies if this is the case.

From what I understand, The Thaali and Khaali are just to keep count.

At double the speed, you will play a full cycle of the theka before you reach the Khaali (finishing the cycle on Count Number 8) and start the Next cycle on the Khaali (Count Number 9). With Quadruple speed, you will play a full cycle of the theka for each of the Thaali (Count 1, 5, and 13) and the Khaali (Count 9) totaling 4 cycles in 2 Thaali - 1 Khaali - 1 Thaali.

Does that make sense? :)

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