Electronic tuner with Indian notes?

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Re: Electronic tuner with Indian notes?

Post by Yishai » Sun Apr 14, 2013 2:25 am

jaan e kharabat wrote:Dha and Ma are easy too. Just do a Pa on Re (to get Re, you can do a Pa from Pa!) to get Dha, and do a reverse Pa from Sa to get Ma. Obviously, you have to first get your ears attuned to the Sa-Pa interval, the perfect 5th, in order to do these.

I love how you make this sound so very easy. I'm glad that someone's got this figured out!

Could you let me know how exactly one is to, "Do a Pa on Re", "Do a reverse Pa to get Ma", etc? I want to do this right, so please use small words, in English if possible.

I'm aware that what I just wrote could be perceived as pissy or facetious, but please do not take it that way. I have no teacher. None of my friends has even seen a sitar before. I need words like "string" and "fret". And things like, "Pluck this string while holding it on this fret, that is a Ma note." Or something like that.

If my level of ignorance it beyond what can be rectified through an Internet forum, then I'm more than willing to seek some help with this from another source. But.... If someone here can explain this in a way that a COMPLETE MUSICAL NOOB can deal with, that would be pretty kickass!!!

This forum is great and I'm loving all your responses, even the ones where I have no idea what you're talking about :)

Thank you!!!!

jaan e kharabat
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Re: Electronic tuner with Indian notes?

Post by jaan e kharabat » Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:24 am

Oh. Then you need a teacher.

Another way to train the ears, this time with a tuner. Tune a sting to the desired tone, listen carefully to it and try to remember its pitch. Detune the sting and this time tune it by ear. Check your accuracy with the tuner. Tune, detune, check, recheck and repeat the process and tell you feel satisfied with the results. Keeping doing this for random tones.

The Sa-Pa interval. In western music this would be C-G. Tune the second (from bottom) string of your sitar to C (Sa) and the first string to G (P). Once tuned using tuner, pluck the strings one after the other Sa,Pa, Sa, Pa etc. Listen to the interval very carefully. Sing along in Sargam, taking your time and making sure to adjust your voice so that you are in tune (you may have to sing an octave above the fundamental tone but let's not complicate the issue further). After you get a hang of that, instead of sargam try it in an AAH syllable or something like WAH or LAH.

Do this for a couple of weeks and come to us. And in the mean time look for a teacher. These days ICM teachers do lessons online via video conferencing so you don't even need to have a teacher physical nearby. I think there's some info on some teachers on this very forum. I'll try to find it.
If there are just ''six tones'' in an octave [sic] then why have frets for tones that don't exist?

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Re: Electronic tuner with Indian notes?

Post by Yishai » Sun Apr 14, 2013 5:21 am

Thank you, so much!!!!

That is making some sense now :)

I will give this a try!

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