Where to buy decent Rabab in California/US

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Where to buy decent Rabab in California/US

Postby Ramesh » Fri Jan 09, 2015 9:41 am

Dear Friends,

Namaste and Salaam.I would like to ask for your help.I fell deeply inlove with the Rabab and now im thinking of getting one.Does anybody know where i could get affordable decent to high quality Rabab(one that isnt for "display" purpose).Im actually still saving up for it but im hoping i could get one that will last a lifetime,meaning one that i could grow with(like my sitar).By the way,i live in LA.

I would greatly appreciate any advice.Thank you very much.

"If in every home one child was taught Hindustani classical music this country would never have been partitioned."-Bade Ghulam Ali Khan

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