"Cancel my subscription to the resurrection"

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"Cancel my subscription to the resurrection"

Postby profpandit » Wed Apr 19, 2017 7:11 pm

Hello All,

After briefly being quarantined for making an erroneous post
"The 3 unwritten rules of tabla"
which was seriously meant to be a spoof,
I have pleaded my case buttressing it with my history of mostly genuine posts
and the moderator has agreed to give me another chance.
I promise to be more obvious regarding the nature of my posts in future.

This post is about a line from a very old song by Jim Morrison of the Doors.
What it's meant to convey, through this line, is that we should try to be ourselves
when we play the tabla
and not try to emulate every aspect of what everyone is telling us
obviously not just anyone else, but the experts whom we take guidance from.
The point being, it is in the nature of our system of learning
to blindly follow what the teacher says.
Rote is a very popular way students in India, even today, memorize things
instead of trying to understand and digest.
this is because the examiners favour verbatim transcriptions of what is written in the textbook for correct answers.
As this applies to tabla, our tendency as students is,
to try and exactly emulate what the teacher has demonstrated as the right way to play
in other words to effectively try and resurrect the session with the teacher.
As a former professor, I think we should try to change this

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