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This board is just for newbies to place their questions, and for the old timers to answer their questions with patience. Remember, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A STUPID QUESTION!

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Read This First

Post by david » Fri May 09, 2008 1:42 pm

Welcome all newbies to Indian classical music. This forum is dedicated specifically to you. We know that you are anxious to get started. However before you jump right in with your questions you may find that your questions have already been answered. Here are some links where you may find answers to questions.

FAQs on Learning Indian Music:

Teachers of Indian Music and Dance:

Where to buy Indian musical Instruments:

Drone (tanpura) CDs: ... ra_CD.html

Tabla Theka CDs: ... intal.html

Lahara CDs: ... ra_CD.html

Introduction to Indian music:

There are really only a few rules on this forum. All of which are common sense:

1) No Flaming - This will get you banned!

2) No Spam - It is acceptable to offer instruments for sale and services as long as it is relevant and tasteful. But if the services or products are irrelevant, or the style is such that the majority of users will be annoyed, then this is not acceptable.

3) No Multiple Posts - I realize that sometimes it is not clear which section a post should go into. In such cases simply pick the one which you think best reflects the topic.

4) This is Not a Link Farm - It is OK to have links in your posts, as long as they are relevant either to you or the thread. But pointless empty posts that have no purpose other than to generate links to other sites is not acceptable.

As I said, this is all common sense, but it dos not hurt to restate them.

Good luck
David Courtney


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