Carnatic ragas

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Carnatic ragas

Postby Christianamr » Thu Oct 11, 2012 3:03 am

I used the search engine to see if there was a topic devoted to these ragas in general , and since I found none , I made it myself .

There is an instructive series about carnatic ragas by Tamil singer Charulatha Mani which is quite informative with live singing and snippets from film songs :

सहस्रनाम ततुलयम राम नाम वरानने |
Sahasranāma tat tulyam Rāma nāma Varānane .

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Re: Carnatic ragas

Postby Christianamr » Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:36 pm

Raga Nadanamakriya .

I´ve been listening to this raga for years , as part of the ragamala " Bhaja Govindam "

It seems not to have a hindustani equivalent .

From here :


A nishadantya janya raga derived from the 15th mela Mayamalavagaula. The notes taken by the raga are Kakali Ni^ Shadja^ Sudha Ri^ Antara Ga^ Sudha Ma^ Pa and Sudha Dha. An upanga raga in which Ri^ Ma^ Dha are raga chaya svaras. A minor raga admitting of rasa pradhana raga and shines well when rendered in Vilambita kala. The ‘Sikamaram pan’ of Tevaram is the corresponding raga of Madhyama sruti reveals the chaya of this raga. According to Dikshitar school^ this is known as Nadaramakriya. Nadanmakriya is also used in light music^ operas^ folk song^ Kathakali Music etc. The folk tune ‘ Anandakalippu’ in chapu is set in this raga. The ideal time for the singing of the raga is noon time. In concerts this raga is sung in post pallavi part. This is sung in madhyama sruti because of its limited range of sancharas.


Raga Songs [Kriti] Tala Composer
Nadanamakriya Anumaane niye Chapu Arunachalakavi
Nadanamakriya Jagadisa Adi Swati Tirunal
Nadanamakriya Karuna jaladhi Adi Thyagaraja
Nadanamakriya Jayamangalam Adi Thyagaraja
Nadanamakriya Ramanamavanudi Adi Purandaradasa
Nadanamakriya Tappugale laa Adi Purandaradasa
Nadanamakriya Naranada mele Adi Purandaradasa
Nadanamakriya Kande kannara Triputa R.S.Gururajachar
Nadanamakriya Nilakantaya M.Chapu Muthuswamy Dikshitar
Nadanamakriya Pratyangira bhagavathi Chapu Muthuswamy Dikshitar
Nadanamakriya Devadeva kalpayami Rupaka Swati Tirunal
Nadanamakriya Paramapursha Jagadiswara Adi Swati Tirunal
Nadanamakriya Chidambaram pokathe Adi Gopalakrishna Bharathi
Nadanamakriya Darisikkavenum Eka Gopalakrishna Bharathi
Nadanamakriya Swami Darisanam Adi Gopalakrishna Bharathi
Nadanamakriya Tondaraikkaana Adi Gopalakrishna Bharathi
Nadanamakriya Mala pozhidil Adi Subramania Bharathi
Nadanamakriya Neram Mikandidu Adi Subramonia Bharathi
Nadanamakriya Mannar kulathinadi Adi Subramania Bharathi
Nadanamakriya Niye tuniyagave Adi Kavikunjara Bharathi
Nadanamakriya Oru patham irupatham Adi Arunagirinathar
Nadanamakriya Amira rama Adi Bhadrachala Ramadas
Nadanamakriya Ethiriga nanu Adi Bhadrachala Ramadas
Nadanamakriya Kanthinelu Adi Bhadrachala Ramadas
Nadanamakriya Muchataina Rupaka Bhadrachala Ramadas
Nadanamakriya Vitthiyai Padippiyumgal Adi Vedanayakom Pillai
Nadanamakriya Vedanayakane Adi Vedanayakom Pillai
Nadanamakriya Unnai Nambinen Rupaka Vedanayakom Pillai
Nadanamakriya Ayyayyo Kintu [Padam] Triputa Swati Tirunal

Unfortunately I can´t find a chalan anywhere ....
सहस्रनाम ततुलयम राम नाम वरानने |
Sahasranāma tat tulyam Rāma nāma Varānane .


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