App to play carnatic music

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App to play carnatic music

Postby Hema » Tue Mar 03, 2015 5:38 am

Hi Friends, I recently came across RagaSudha on Appstore. The app promises “You will be able to play ragas you have not heard of without hitting a wrong note!!! It is true. I give the app 4/5, although I have heard four of the five ragas they give in the free version. The interface is smooth and one can actually play alapana (on veena, sitar and piano) without hitting a wrong note (because the notes not relevant to the raga are disabled on choosing a raga – I think this is ingenious. There is also a metronome with tempo control. I am a novice who only likes listening to music and now I can play!! I hope they come out with more ragas and for those who are not on iOS, an android version soon. Do try it.


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