Indian Music Mridangam

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Indian Music Mridangam

Postby srima109 » Wed Oct 17, 2007 7:17 am

South Indian Classical Music and Dance makes one enjoy the ecstasy of beautiful rhythm and musical vibration. Here I would like to share the importance of "Mridangam" in Carnatic Music including "Bharathanatyam". What makes a mridangam sound different from other percussion instruments? The specialty is that mridangam has in it, a "Unique Naadham" called "Chaapu" with the help of "black Patch" called "Soru Fixed on it. Also the "thom" sound and "Gumka" used in mridangam is with "Semolina Paste" applied on the left head "thoppi" of mridangam. There are special paste, imported pastes are used instead of Rava or Semolina paste that produces pleasing bass effect on mridangam.For details about Tuning mridangam,Mridangam Parts, Skins used, Dimensions, Size, Shape, information about Special Paste for "Thoppi"used in mridangam, All about mridangam music talas theory and Practical applications and many more important topics explained, Visit the site:[/url]


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