Yet Another query: Bhavani raagam

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Yet Another query: Bhavani raagam

Post by Diego » Sat Feb 21, 2009 2:24 am

Hi Again,

I've tried to find what raagam this piece is in, Unnai Anri, by S. Gayathri: ... hri/songs/

[the link is in there, just click on it]

A lovely piece – but I can't find information on the Raagam. It's meant to be in Bhavani raagam, and another piece, bhavapriye bhavani, on the same site, is meant to be in bhavani also and it sounds correct. But yet when I go to the Karnatik site there is not much info on this raagam, save for a mention of 'bhavini' that's a janya of mayamalavagowla, which sounds a bit off as it seems there is something else in there.

Is it the same raagam, do you think?

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