Radel veena

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Radel veena

Post by ragamala » Wed Mar 23, 2011 8:16 am

I came across this by accident - thought it might be of interest -

http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p ... DD487CCD3D

see product details and manual :!: etc at
http://www.radelindia.com/ProductDetail ... uctId=NQ==

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Re: Radel veena

Post by Hamletsghost » Fri Mar 25, 2011 4:51 am

Ran sound for an all womens Carnatic orchestra last year. The group was headed by Lalghudi Vijaylakshmi (Lalghudi Jayaram's daughter) on violin.
I would have to look back in the archives for the review I wrote with the flyer to give you the veena & other players names. ALL were SUPERB musicians. From the flute - to veena - to morching - to the 17 :shock: year old mridangam player - to of course violin, (who I have worked with many times along with her brother AND father) they were all incredible !
The Veena player had one of these.
Review of instrument
Very portable - less fragile - acceptable descent pickup (I would change for better) - even the little built in speaker was adequate for practice or even a small home show, or in temple.
Built in speaker in one of the gourds (again would change for higher quality)
AND a built in tamboura too boot. (they used a separate tampura machine - but this could come in VERY handy for the solo or duet artist who doesn't want to carry the extra piece))
I ran the instrument direct as well as used a Sennheiser mic to pic up string harmonics & and it gave a very pleasing sound with NO feedback.
And per the musician after she had it set up in India for her it played PERFECTLY for her needs and style. (Believe me I asked a LOT of questions about this instrument during our hour long sound check :D BOY I LOVE PROFESSIONALS that appreciate the value of a proper soundcheck)
That was all on the plus side.
The downside was it was pretty thin sounding upfront with a TON of midrange punch (listen to the vids above- sounds pretty electric rather than acoustic) subsequently it took a lot of shaping & adjusting to get it to have the depth, clarity, and penetration of a carved Saraswati Veena. Not perfect BUT definately one of the best sollutions to schlepping a cumbersome fragile instrument halfway around the globe on tour.
And with a few small fairly innexpensive electronic modifications it could be a REAL gem.
Definately a thumbs up from dis ol' soundman.

Hamletsghost 8)
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