FS: Upgraded Sarangi

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FS: Upgraded Sarangi

Postby David Berner » Wed Mar 08, 2017 6:02 am

I'm posting this on behalf of my sarangi teacher, Zohaib Hassan. He or I can answer any questions you may have. Thanks-David Berner

For your consideration is a highly upgraded professional level Raj Musicals Sarangi owned by Pakistani sarangi player Zohaib Hassan. This sarangi is in fine working order and is only being sold to help pay bills. Bow and wood travel case included. This instrument is 12 years old has toured the world and still in beautiful condition, no cracks, no warping. It's made of Tun wood and very light weight, with the walls carved very thin giving this sarangi has very desirable loud and warm tone.

-Main playing strings are Bowbrand harp strings and a flatwound guitar string
-All sympathetic strings are replaced with varying gauges in both steel and bronze alloy strings and it's tone simply glows.
-Re-skinned with thin, high quality goat skin
-New custom made bone jawari bridges
-Brass reinforcement plate on bottom to safeguard against warping
-Currently fitted with K&k Sound transducer, although not permanently attached and can easily be removed
-Upgrade work completed by Pakistani "Pride of Performance in Sitar Making" award recipient Ustad Zia U Din

Asking price is $1500 dollars or best offer.

Worldwide 30 day shipping cost is reflected in the asking price. It may be possible to send it faster if buyer wants to pay for expedited shipping, though generally it's difficult to ship out of Pakistan any faster. Sarangi is currently in Lahore Pakistan.

Please direct inquiries to Zohaib Hassan. Zohaibhassan.zebi@gmail.com

Link to video of sarangi for sale... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnTXXNknClE

I can't upload pics due to an error saying the files are too large, please PM for pics.

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