an alternative approach to organizing bols

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an alternative approach to organizing bols

Post by profpandit » Fri Sep 02, 2016 12:35 pm

in the conventional design of tabla compositions
you start with a taal, which has a length in maatras
and a break-up of that length into a set vibhaags (sub-intervals)
and a rule on taalis and khalis for each vibhaag
then you select a set of phrases to fit into those vibhaags
the aesthetics come from your choice and sequencing of the phrases

one alternative approach is to introduce one more rule
in addition to the vibhaag and taali-khali designation

for example you could mandate that all phrases used to fill the vibhaags
have to be sub-phrases of a master phrase
an example taal design using this approach would be:

for an 11 maatra taal
with vibhaags and taali-khali designations as follows:

|X - - -|2 - -|O - - -|

the additional rule could be
with a master phrase of 4 maatras say A,B,C,D
the layout would always be
A,B,C,D A,B,C a,b,c,d
where the lowercase indicates the khali version of the phrase

try it

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