The unwritten rules of tala

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The unwritten rules of tala

Post by profpandit » Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:48 am

This might sound like a naive question,
but it is actually related to the earlier question
regarding creating paltas from kaidas.

The well known rules of tala are
the tali and khali division of the tala
and the number of maatras in each vibhaag
but what is left undocumented, is how to fill bols into the vibhaags.
For example, take the simple teen taal
The naive way to fill in the bols would be

dhaa dhin dhin dhaa | dhaa dhin dhin dhaa | taa tin tin taa | dhaa dhin dhin dhaa

but as we all know, the khali and the fourth vibhaag are filled in slightly different.
What are the so called unwritten rules for doing this.
My guess is they started with the naive version,
then someone came up with this variation and it stuck

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