Popular Bollywood Kehrwa in 4+4

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Popular Bollywood Kehrwa in 4+4

Postby rch » Fri Jan 06, 2017 8:44 pm

Happy New Year!!

I know there are hundred different variations of Kehrwa, but there is one very popular variation in 4+4, played most often in medium or fast speed for most Bollywood ( Hindi Film ) songs,and really sounds very pleasing too. Just wondering if any one knows this popular variation, or has a favorite of your own that you would like to share. I know it depends on the music or song, but with a link to a bollywood U-tube video, you can share with us how you would play in 4+4 ( bols) for the song.


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Re: Popular Bollywood Kehrwa in 4+4

Postby saurav2614 » Mon Jan 09, 2017 4:59 am

Dear Rch
It is very difficult unless you tell us the song(s). Anyway Please check these links. Hope these will help you.

1. Anuj Lodhi

2. Prasad Golipkar

3. Prof. Pasad Kulkarni

4. Tej Singh

5. Bhilaj

These guys are very helpful and please 'like' their videos if you find them useful.

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Re: Popular Bollywood Kehrwa in 4+4

Postby rch » Tue Jan 17, 2017 7:52 pm

Hi Saurav
Thank you. I am already subscribed to all except Kulkarni which I did today. I have certainly learned a lot from these. Some times I wonder whether they all have the same roots( genealogy) since most compositions are similar. What I was mostly interested in getting the opinion was
that , with kerhwa it is not necessarily the bols but how they are played. I believe most of these songs are played with flam strokes in a swaying
pattern (akin to bhajni teka). In fact Bhilaj mentions that in one of his Kherwa lessons. Perhaps I am asking a very simple question here. I would like you to listen to the following. I had communicated with Tej Singh about this and he had said that I could play Ge te tin Na,- te dhin Na ( te- played with middle-ring finger).Tej has a lesson #94 on U-tube with this teka played with a bhajan, but I am not sure whether that is really what is being played here.




Sooner or later one of us would be called upon to play inpromptu in a house concert or on the stage , and I think it would only boost our confidence if played well.

Once again thank you for your opinion

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Re: Popular Bollywood Kehrwa in 4+4

Postby rch » Wed Jan 25, 2017 10:24 pm

I am not sure if I was asking a very simple question or a very hard one but after a few opinions outside of this forum, I have this from the horses mouth!
Dhi Te Tin Na, Ti Te Din Na played in a 'swaying' fashion. Some may also play
Dha Ti Ta Ta , Dha Ti Dha Dha.
(See Anuj Lodhi's lesson #4) Also, explained by the others in their tutorials.
There are more than one way to skin the cat , but the MOST important tip in Kehrwa playing is the swaying motion and the bayan modulation!! One may practice for years and very well maintain a great rhythm but may well fall short in the art of accompaniment. Just my opinion!

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